Bicol Express: the train, not the food

I’ve been researching on the state of the Philippine National Railway trains because I want to use this mode of transport in going to Bicol. In popular parlance, the trains are known as the Bicol Express. I don’t know if this differs from the train line called Mayon Limited.

The trains are further classified into de luxe and ordinary. Understandably, the de luxe trains are more expensive and should I say, has better toilets or CR. Not bad really. I was expecting worse 🙂

PNR train seats

PNR train lavatory

Mayon Limited Deluxe even has a lounge (and a LED TV!)

PNR train lounge

The sleeper class. Beds look rock-hard but the hoi polloi aren’t complaining….

PNR train bed

In the meantime, these are the seats in the Mayon Limited ordinary trains. They remind me more of the LRT/MRT trains….

PNR train ordinary

Ordinary train fares are more than 100 per cent cheaper than those in the deluxe trains. 344 pesos on the ordinary vis a vis 717 pesos in the deluxe trains. Still, I think this is way cheaper than taking a plane (unless there’s a zero seat sale) so it’s understandable that more and more people are taking the trains these days.

Besides, the trains stop over in nearby provinces like San Pablo in Laguna and Lucena in Quezon en route to Naga City (too bad, no trains going to Legazpi at the moment).

Photos courtesy of the Philippine National Railways page on Facebook.

For bookings and inquiries on train schedules, contact PNR in Manila & Tutuban, 3190048, Lucena – (042) 6612990 & Naga (054) 6982132

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