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A highlight of our recent trip to Macau was our stay at The Venetian. My twin daughters graduated from elementary school last March and this was my treat to them. I now fully understand why this casino complex cum resort & hotel is popular among Asian travellers (or travellers to Asia, for that matter). It’s a world unto itself. There’s really no need to go out once you’re enclosed in its big,wide walls. It’s got everything: from boutiques to kids’ play zones to restaurants.

On a peak season like summer, there are hordes of people checking in so it pays to come early. Even though the lines were long, it moved fast because staff were on hand to assist even before you reach the front desk.I’d give them high points for this one.


We booked the non-smoking Bella Suite with two queen beds and this was the view. The brochure said 70 square meters but it seemed smaller in real life, maybe because the space was eaten by the large bathroom.

Venetian Macau - Bella Suite

Of course, my twin girls were happy to stay in the room. Awww!

Twins @ Venetian Macau

This is the living room with the adjacent dining area and office table equipped with telephone & fax machine (which I didn’t use at all). Honestly, I thought the upholstery looks old. I remember when I first visited the Venetian in 2007. It’s been five years, and this hotel isn’t getting any younger. Ouch.

Bella Suite @ Venetian Macao

There was no free wifi in the hotel lobby or the rooms which was disappointing. Good thing I was able to get it (the wifi) in food outlets like Cafe Deco and McSorley’s Ale House. But first, we had to be customers 🙂

Partial view of the marble bathroom. No designer toiletries though.

Room at Venetian Macao

We were given free vouchers upon check-in and am glad I didn’t ignore them. This is the good thing about Macau: free vouchers plus free shuttle buses to your destination = savings! 🙂

Venetian Macau

At first, I just planned to stay in the room all day but I realized it would be a sin not to go out and enjoy the place for what it’s worth. Here’s my daughters’ requisite photo op with the gondola & Renaissance-like structures.

Twins @ Venetian Macau

They also had fun in one of the hotel’s four swimming pools.

Venetian Macau

At Qube, they engaged in playtime, Facebooking & computer games.

Qube @ Venetian Macau

There was even a McDonald’s inside the complex and we ate there too. Cafe Deco was the breakfast buffet area, but I was glad they also offered affordable a la carte dishes (at P250 per order).

Cafe Deco - Venetian Macau

On second thought, I was glad I didn’t bring our two-year old baby girl or it would have been a workout. The place was so huge that it was an effort navigating from the main lobby to the hotel west lobby and the other areas. I didn’t need to go to the hotel gym because I was shedding off extra calories by walkercising. Whew!

The sun never sets in Venetian Macau!

Venetian Macau

website: venetianmacao.com

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