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Last Woman Running - Rogin-E marathon

Pvt. Ellen Tolentino of the Philippine Army took home 20,000 pesos as this year’s Last Woman Running in Bayer’s recently-concluded Rogin-E Marathon in Bonifacio Global City. She’s shown receiving her prize & trophy from Vincenzo Langella, Managing Director, Bayer Pilippines, Inc. and Muhammad Jaudat Amin, Country Division Head, Bayer Healthcare, Consumer Care Division. .

Adjudged Last Man Running was Bicolano and veteran marathon runner Mario Maglinao, more popularly known as Super Mario. Super Mario’s victory is all the sweeter because this year’s grand prize from Rogin-E is an all expense paid trip to China, to participate in the world renowned “Great Wall Marathon”.

This year’s Bayer Rogin-E Last Man Running 2 lived up to its reputation as one of the country’s most physically demanding and merciless ultra-marathons.

Unlike conventional marathons or even ultra-marathons that are defined by a fixed distance, Rogin-E’s Last Man Running is time bound. Contestants have to run for six hours at a fixed minimum pace. Should they fall too far behind the race pace, they are automatically eliminated. At the start of the 7th hour, it becomes a footrace for those (the few) still in the running. Thanks to a faster pace (compared to the first Rogin-E Last Man Running in 2011) and an especially hot morning sun, only Super Mario toed the line for the seventh hour of running, making him literally: the Last Man Running.

According to race organizers Bayer, attendance at this year’s event was much better than in 2011, particularly for the premier Last Man Running Category; which is why we can look forward to an even better Rogin-E Last Man Running 3 in 2013.

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