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Am no stranger to Crumpler laptop bags. It’s really worth it to shell out a little more than $100 for these bags because they’re well made and can stand being so ruggedly used (like being placed in the luggage compartment of a bus or thrown around the airport scanner, for example).

This Crumpler briefcase from the Dry Red series was my companion for weeks (too bad it’s a review unit only). I often wear a black suit to the office but I felt confident enough to lug it around. Maybe because it was a beautiful red color. I used it mostly as a handbag, but there was also a detachable strap so you can carry the bag on your shoulder, especially when you’re feeling lazy travelling.

Crumpler Dry Red

The inscription on the inside of the bag shows that it is a Crumpler Dry Red No. 7 ( there are other numbers of the Dry Red Series like 3,4, 5 etc.) Because of its many useful compartments, this may as well qualify as James Bond’s bag … just imagine the many gadgets, devices and tools you can put in them.

Crumpler Dry Red

I love the fact that with this briefcase, there’s no need for a bag organizer because the pockets and divisions are well in place.No problem with carrying several folders of documents too. You will be sure that your precious papers will come out crease-less. The best thing, of course, was that my 15-inch Macbook fit perfectly in this bag’s crevice. There’s no other joy than knowing that the gadget I rely on for most of my writing life has found a safe home.

Note: this product is available at Crumpler Stores in the Fort, Trinoma, Megamall and Robinsons Ermita. Suggested reatil price is P4,450.

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