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You could say one of the perks of being a blogger is being able to test out a few stuff (and in some cases, we get to keep them). I am able to know some products which I am not able to get acquainted with otherwise. Case in point are these Marshall headphones which landed in my lap recently. It was a case of like at first sight because it looked so well made and not cheap-looking at all (also, not cheap at a retail price of P4,650) . Plus I like the color white when it’s beautifully made like this…

Marshall headphones

There’s a logo emblazoned with the word Marshall at the inner part of the device where it would fit the top of my head. A little research led me to the fact that Marshall brand comes from the UK and it’s big name in amplifiers. One article pointed out they’re the reason why rock music is LOUD. Marshall amps have been used by the likes of The Who, Cream & Led Zeppelin.

Does the headphone live up to the name?

My little test proved that the little Marshall satisfies on the level of casual listening. Hardcore music enthusiasts can do better with more expensive, pure sounding earpieces. You know the type where it seems like the music is blasting while giving you the feeling that it is just next door.

Sound quality in the Marshall is par for the course, but that’s also because am not the most demanding of the bunch. I only get to use the thing when am at the gym. Most of the time too, it’s the likes of Adele & Katy Perry blasting in my ears. I certainly haven’t tried the headphone yet on some loud rock , hip-hop or club music.

What’s clear is that I loved having the Marshall Major on my head.With its good looks, you will make sure you’re also wearing them signature sweatpants & sneakers while working the treadmill.

Unknown to you, this review also came with the Marshall Minor unit …. it’s called minor because they’re little earphones. In an earlier post, I told you about how I prefer headphones to earphones and it’s the same with this case.

Marshall headphones

At first, I had a difficulty fitting the device into my ear until I tried out the different-sized earpads that came with it. It was good that there was an attached mic so I can answer calls on my Samsung while listening to the beat. Sound quality was consistent, with a good mix of bass and treble. I could learn to love these Marshalls and there was certainly separation anxiety when it was time to return the review units again đŸ™‚

Marshall Minor earphones SRP – P2,650

Check out Marshall in the following resellers in Manila:

Beyond the Box
Digital Hub
Gadgets in Style
Listen Up
Listening Room
Mobile 1
PC Hub
Power Mac Center
SKT Digital
Urban Athletics

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  1. Raymund says:

    It is one of the most expensive headphones I ever saw. Unless you are a music lover, there’s no reason to buy that, I think.

  2. Layson says:

    How much is that?

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