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The Chicken Delish kitchen was up to a ginormous challenge for Yummy Eats 2012 (held recently in Rockwell Tent): prepare food for 1,200 people. For a fledgling food purveyor like us, I thought at first that this was something that couldn’t be done but my philosophy eventually turned out to be “just go with it!”

It was certainly a great consolation to see our name up there in this marker –

we got a name up there

It didn’t matter that I worked the graveyard shift the night before and was sleepless for 38 hours by the time the event finished at 9 pm. Participating in a major food event gave me an adrenaline high and we were happy to see that our booth had one of the longest lines. Thanks to all for visiting!:)

thanks for all those who patiently lined up!

My favorite foodie Spanky Enriquez tastes Chicken Delish with our bestselling sweet & spicy sauce. Am glad it passed his muster 🙂

our fave guy. hmm, pwedeng pang poster ito :D

My only regret was not visiting all of the food booths because we were busy with our own. Desserts outnumbered the savories but the servings were big enough to satisfy everybody. I also made sure I stopped by the indulgent stuffed lechon of Pepita’s Kitchen …

my favorite! :D

Newest must-try dessert: crack pie from Red Hot Oven!

how-to's of the crack pie

Alexandra Rocha for Pinkerton Ice Cream. Love their sorbet!

Alexandra Rocha

People from the famous Serenitea were my first customers. They bought chicken as soon as we opened….thanks! 🙂

Serenitea booth

These personalized chocolate giveaways were also attractive…

Yummy Eats 2012

A young boy guards his mom’s sweets (sorry I forgot the name of the stall, tee hee)


Eye-catching sugar cookies from Classic Confections…

Classic Confections cookies

and many more!

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