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Infant apparel brand Beginnings baby recently sent me a batch of baby clothes which made me nostalgic about the time when I was still cradling my youngest daughter (now 2 ) in my arms. The package all came in white and I realized later on after reading the enclosed info that white is the scientifically proven color of choice for babies.

(Most mothers can relate to those early months of pregnancy when we don’t know the baby’s gender yet but we’re excited to shop. Hence, we buy baby stuff in white!)

Here’s what the people from Beginnings Baby has to say about the color white & some testimonials from moms themselves:

beginnings baby

” We are the first infant apparel brand to herald the importance and necessity of white apparel for infants in their first year. The brand recognizes that with the first year of a child’s life comes a critical period of development. White garments are preferred by pediatricians for other reasons as well. White is cleaner; white is safer – it is easier to spot stains, dirt, insects and other unwanted objects on a white background. Indeed, loud colors and intricate designs become a second priority to such safety and sanitary issues. White proves for more comfortable wear too. Scientifically, the color attracts less heat, ensuring that your little one is always cool and comfortable. ”

The extensive Beginnings Baby line created especially for newborns to infants 12 months old carries t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, tie-sides, sleepsuits, cardigans, bodysuits, shorts, pajamas, undies, shoes, booties, caps, mittens, binders, bibs, wash cloths, blankets, towels and diapers- most everything you need for your beloved little ones, all in immaculate white.

Visit www.facebook.com/beginningsbaby for more details.

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