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Nay gising! It’s time to ditch that bar solution (soap + sponge + water) that we’re fond of using for washing dishes and the like. As a mother, I have to admit that am guilty of this myself in an effort to enforce a budget in our household. It turns out that the often-used bar solution is the dirtiest item in the house. It has ten times more contaminants than a dirty sock, trash bin cover or toilet bowl. Shocking revelation but true!


The facts are confirmed by no less than the Philippine Society of Microbiology. Says PSM President, Dr. Supachai Basit: ” A dishwashing bar solution is a breeding ground for contaminants, including bacteria and other types of germs. This is especially true if the laundry bar is left exposed for many hours and the dishwashing sponge is constantly wet.”


In a survey, experts like Dr. Jessica Simbahan and a third party research agency, used a luminometer or germ meter to measure the level of contaminants in bar solutions and commonly perceived dirty household items like the toilet seat cover, a toilet bowl rim and a trash can lid.


Joy Dishwashing Liquid Brand Manager Ms. Jan Ang told a recent press briefing: “Many moms in the Philippines believe they are saving money by using their leftover laundry bar to wash dishes. They do not realize that this bar solution is very unsanitary, especially when the bar solution is left exposed for many hours.” As part of Joy’s “‘Nay, Gising!” campaign, Joy commissioned the Philippine Society of Microbiology survey to serve as a wake-up call for Filipino moms and to educate them on proper kitchen hygiene. Use the hashtag #NayGising to spread the word and urge people to ditch the practice of using bar solution… it’s so Third World, right?

In this regard, we would like to congratulate the winner of the recent contest in our blog. MS. LILIA SO gets to bring home P1,000 worth of goodies from Procter & Gamble/ new Joy Antibac with Power of Safeguard.Pls. get in touch with me soon on how you can claim your prize 🙂

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  1. Lilia So says:

    Wow! Thanks! =)

  2. zeus says:

    this is true , that’s why we use a dish washing liquid now

  3. dave House says:

    Using Bar solution is not the way to be practical,it is the way to make a health problem. because, some people they do not know the proper kitchen hygiene. They do not realize that a bar solution is very unsanitary, especially when the bar solution is left exposed for many hours.

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