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UNIQLO…. who among the fashion-crazy doesn’t know Uniqlo right? This is one label I passed by while shopping (or window-shopping) in HK, Shanghai & Kuala Lumpur. But for some reason, I decided to check out the June 15 opening (that’s yesterday) of the Japanese fashion label at the Mall of Asia.

I had to back out. The lines were crazy.

I also saw some muscular guys, obviously security. I thought they were there to escort Kris Aquino. But of course am wrong 🙂

Uniqlo MOA

I made a 180-degree turn and I saw this spectacle. I never saw so many kibitzers (waiting for who?) but they were out to shop PALA!

Uniqlo MOA

The line snaked all the way to the soon-to-open Forever 21 facade. Hopeless.

Mall of Asia

I would never stand for two to three hours like that. That is why those peeps who stood in line yesterday deserve the Patient Shopaholic Award. The people from Uniqlo Philippines were wise in timing the opening on Payday Friday.

Finally, an End of Line sign.

Uniqlo MOA

Advice for those dying to get their hands on Uniqlo: fly to Hong Kong via the $70 airfare promo from Dragonair, hoard on the interesting stuff and re-sell them to the Uniqlo-hungry people in Manila. Pwede! 🙂

Seriously, with all the major fashion labels coming in & our colonial mentality in place, I wonder how the local Filipino fashion labels are holding up. Support Filipino pa rin!

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  1. zeus says:

    nice to have that here in the philippines

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