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Peeps from KFC Philippines sent me over the weekend their new product, the Cheese Top Burger. At only 50 pesos, it was both tasty and filling. Funny because I was looking for the cheese on top of the bun, as seen in the posters. It turns out, the cheese was already baked INTO the bread. So cheap and so good.

KFC Cheese top burger

Anyway, I almost choked on my KFC Cheese Top Burger when I read the Inquirer story on the 500 million Birkin scam. Netizens and cosmopolitan Manille are abuzz with the scandal where a former flight attendant-turned-arts personality dupes high society into investing in an Hermes Birkin reselling slash pyramiding scheme. As the story goes, it was not only the Birkins, she also had shady transactions involving jewelry, paintings & luxury watches.

Moral lessons to be learned:

1. Greed leads to an individual’s downfall.

2. Walang manloloko kung walang magpapaloko

3. As for the bags, it is always worthwhile to be informed about sites like My Poupette and Purse Blog to check authenticity of designer handbags

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  1. dlysen says:

    I am looking for the scam. pero ok narin… KFC looks really tasty with cheese over the top.

  2. Raymund says:

    The woman is a social climber and scammer. I cannot believe that she stole the money of a cancer patient who is undergoing chemotherapy. She lost many friends forever.

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