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The bad news: cost of electricity went up as of the last Meralco billing. Good thing gas prices are going down. Here’s one thing I can share to fellow mommies who are always tracking the budget: using an induction cooker is as economical and as energy-efficient as using an LPG stove. It is also safer since it doesn’t pose a fire hazard, unlike an LPG-powered unit. If you live in a condo, this is a must!

This handy tip I got from Meralco people themselves who organized an intimate get-together centered on induction cooking. Venue was the secret Makati location of Pinoy Eats World (PEW) which is one of those groups specializing in private dinners in Manila.

Induction cooker

I was excited to try this dinner since Pinoy Eats World has been on my bucket list. And the guests had the bonus of dining with the former Bb. Pilipinas Universe Shamcey Supsup (shown here with PEW chef JJ Yulo). She was so slim! tee hee …

Shamcey Supsup with JJ Yulo

A seven course meal awaited us that night. First to arrive was the Cesar Salad, Pinoy version of The Caesar. I even got a special prize for guessing the secret ingredient in this salad : bagoong balayan!

Pinoy Caesar's Salad

Up next was the seared tuna with ginger cream. I liked its mild taste and the addition of my favorite mushrooms. I also appreciated the effort of the chef in making this dish since it obviously involved more than searing the fish 🙂

seared tuna

Warming our tummies was this soup of pureed cauliflower, pine nuts & chives. The topping of crispy bread toast with blue cheese added zing to the dish.

cauliflower soup

By now you know I love chicken (hence my business) and the PEW version of chicken wings with cilantro was really flavorful. It also came with a very light, sweetish dressing or dip.

chicken wings

The prawns sauteed in chili and basil was my favorite among the dishes. Maybe because the seafood tasted really fresh and the Thai-style combination was a whole new way to eat prawns

Prawns with chili & basil

Chef Namee Jorolan poses with the Kitayama beef, served with mashed potatoes and wing beans. Like the tuna, the beef was seared as well so that the middle was almost raw. I was too full already (and enjoyed my chicken/seafood) so I hardly touched this last of the main courses.

Chef Namee Jorolan

Dessert was this chocolate mousse with candied bacon and sliced banana. It was yummy, and I wish I had more of the sugary bacon.

Banana with candied bacon & chocolate mousse

I love the idea of private kitchens & dinners. This was another mission accomplished. Thank you Meralco for a fun evening! (it’s fun until I see next month’s electric bill, LOL)

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  1. dave House says:

    Thanks for a tips and share some nice food.
    looks yummy!.

  2. Nina says:

    I’m quite intrigued by these ‘guerilla’ dinners. Can you give us a heads-up on how much it would cost to join one? I went on the Pinoy Eats World FB page but it didnt give much info. Thanks!

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