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The woman in Manila’s so-called P500-million Birkin scam has deleted her Twitter account, a reaction that is rather too late considering that internet searches on birkin scammer & birkin scammer philippines already appear as cached pages. Most of us who were curious also took screenshots of her Twitter already & saved an html copy of the web page which identifies her position in an art gallery in Manila.

But the alleged Birkin scammer’s latest action should offer hope to her “victims” since this means she has not totally disappeared and can be haled to court if a class action prospers. The problem is: she could be in another continent. The Birkin lady’s last tweet as of Feb. 14 alluded to going to “Barcelona.”

Going by the Inquirer’s exclusive story, victims from Manila’s social set are accusing Ms. Birkin of duping them of an estimated P500 million pesos from transactions involving high-priced paintings, watches, jewelry and Hermes bags. It seemed all these were used to finance the family’s lofty lifestyle. I had a glimpse of the husband’s shoe collection which was featured in a blog and it was Imeldific indeed 🙂

Shoe collection

It seemed from her tweets that the Birkin bag hag who will not be named for now had a small circle of close friends which included an “IT entrepreneur,” a pair of noted jewelers and the owner of a health store. If you read the Inquirer story, you know what we mean.

Not mentioned in the news is the woman (an online bag reseller) that the Birkin scammer was hunting down and threatening on Twitter:

” You have time to tweet but no time to answer my calls. What’s up with you?”

” Just checked. No deposit yet until now … driver is still here in my house waiting. Call me.”

” I need all the bags today.”

‘My driver can pick up in your house if you don’t have time to bring it over.”

“Call me. It’s already the 28th.”

“Check your messages and bring everything this weekend to my house.”

“Soon you’ll see your photos in newspapers and perhaps on TV. Twitter and Facebook included…”

Was the scammer scammed too?

It would be interesting to see how this plot thickens and the story develops. Abangan!

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