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I’ve always appreciated Crumpler for their hardworking, utilitarian stuff. They’re the label you’d most likely rely on for protecting your precious laptop from the slings & arrows of misfortune being always on the go. The secret is in their meticulous construction, use of durable materials and secure features like paddings & cushions where they’re needed for utmost protection.

But I have to admit Crumpler was more functional than stylish. The bags really just used to be the boxy, squarish mass that served its purpose and the choice of colors were their only claim to fashion. I am glad that Crumpler is slowly veering away from their old designs that easily scream: “take me, am a laptop bag!” I certainly like their new collection. Take for example this Gypsy Moth bag which caught my eye because it’s not just a laptop bag but can also double as a shopping bag or even an office bag.

crumpler gypsy

Yes Virginia, the Crumpler Gypsy can accommodate a 13-inch Macbook. But it’s roomy enough inside that it has room for your other gadgets like a couple of smartphones, your iPod or even a planner. Throw in a makeup clutch plus wallet and you’re ready to go!

crumpler gypsy 2

Two things I love most about this bag: the design and the color. The predominant gray looks like faded black denim and there’s the twill weave webbing criss-crossing the bag that is actually there to hold everything together.

I was afraid that the cushions are not too thick in this bag but padding is still placed in strategic areas for maximum support. I heard that the Gypsy Moth is made from ballistic 1,680D nylon, a military grade material that ensures this bag has a totally waterproof base.

For deftly mixing fashion and function, the Crumpler Gypsy Moth can easily be had for a shopper-friendly price of P5,490. It is available at the following resellers:

Beyond the Box
Crumpler Stores
Digital Hub
Digital Walker
Focus Lab
Global Magic Wand
Royal Pictures
Macy’s Photoshop
iPower Hub
PRG Photoshop
Toby’s Arena
Urban Athletics

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