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Frankly, I’ve never entertained the idea of having Bluetooth speakers until a unit of Sound Kick under the label Soundfreaq was sent to me for review. My unfamiliarity with the bluetooth boombox effectively relegates me to the five-meter power cord era but hey, every technophobe deserves a second chance. In this case, a chance to be free from the entanglement of cumbersome wires. This is the rationale behind this awesome gadget called Sound Kick. Totally wireless but with awesome sound.

Sound Kick by Soundfreaq

Sound Kick with the Mac

Because am a first-time user, this gadget intimidated me at first. But if you’re familiar with pairing Bluetooth devices, it becomes easy in no time. I was actually impressed with the simplicity of the commands. To get things going, there’s an extension chamber at the back that you need to pull out with your finger, after which you just need to press the Power button then Pair with your desired device.

Sounds-wise, I was really amazed at how Sound Kick delivers superior quality audio. This explains the positive reviews it’s been getting from trusted sites like iLounge & Mashable. What I like is this device’s versatility. It’s not exclusive to playing sounds from the iPhone or iPod but also your Mac, PC, Android phone, BlackBerry or even Smart TV.Literally anything that’s Bluetooth-enabled.
(On another note, the universal USB power port in the speakers also allows a multitude of gadgets to be charged to it).

Measuring only 1.6 inches, these speakers are the ultimate in portability; hence, perfect for travellers. You can easily carry them with one hand and move from one place to another with no worry.

Suggested retail price is P4,950 and is available at the following resellers:
Astrovision, Beyond the Box, Buzz, Digital Hub, Digital Walker Gadgets in
Style, GUI, iCenter, iGig, iStore, iStudio, Listening Room, Listen Up,
Power Hub, Technoholics.

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