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The common complaint of modern-day computer users is how they’re getting less contact with paper when they write and read. Guess what? less paper actually means you’re doing your bit to save the environment since less trees are being felled. This is why technology exists to mimic everything that we’re used to. It takes a while adapting but we’ll get there.

Jot stylus by Adonit

This is how I felt the first time using the Jot capacitive touch stylus by Adonit.It looks like a pen but boy, how it works magic the moment you have it in your hands. I reckon this is highly recommended for creative artists, animators, fashion designers and others in related fields who need modern means of communicating with their clients. Just imagine: you can edit your design or drawing with the pen, attach the file to your email & press Send.

The Jot stylus worked well for my iPad but let it be clear that this digital “pen” also works for smartphones like iPhones, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, and Blackberry. They key here is anything with a capacitive touchscreen.

Here’s what we drew on the iPad while using Jot for the first time.

Jot stylus

It felt awkward at first. At the tip of the pen is attached a precision disk that looks like a thin & clear disc. As its name implies, this gives the pen the accuracy level it needs to write, draw and illustrate. How to use? Just angle your hand as if you’re signing on paper and scribble away.

Jot has a few apps available in the iTunes store. Among these are Procreate for professional painting, Clibe for Journaling & Note Taker HD. Be warned that Jot works in some screen protectors but not in the following: Zagg Glossy Invisible Shield (but Smudge-Proof Invisible Shield works well), Ghost Armor, Bodyguardz, Skinomi, Wrapsol.

Jot Classic is available in Turquoise, Green, Purple, Red for P950.00. Also Check out Jot Mini (P1,050.00) and Jot Pro (P1,350.00).

This product is available at the following resellers:

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Digital Hub
Digital Hub – Limketkai Center
E-Central – Cebu
iBook – SM Clark
iCenter – Cebu
iCenter – Iloilo
Podwrox – SM Calamba
Power Mac Center
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  1. Mr Z says:

    That note on the iPad screen is NOT just for fun – a clean, smooth screen allows the Jot stylus to move with less resistance. That plastic disk on the stylus tip allows it to glide across the screen, while it’s the small piece at the center of the stylus tip that does the actual capacitative magic with your touchscreen.

    The wide lines used in the drawing? Adjusting the pen size within the app. For iPad 2 and later users, the Jot stylus clings to the magnets embedded in the case, keeping it handy when you lay it down for a moment.

    This should kill for committed Draw Something abusers 😀

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