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I was ready to ignore this sushi bar in BF Homes Paranaque until I read something about it. I knew the spot since it used to be occupied by Serenitea, until the latter got bigger and moved to a more spacious location.

Anyway, this Sensei looked dark yet welcoming. Hubby doesn’t like it when the menu doesn’t have pictures of the food, but I love how this blackboard made me feel like I was ordering food from the classroom 🙂

Sensei Sushi Bar

Add to this a library. If I owned this resto, I’d get nervous if diners squirreled away any of my cookbooks.

Sensei Sushi Bar

On the table: Culinaria Italy, ‘wichcraft, Momofuku book, and Waiter Rant (am bashing myself for not reading the latter. It’s so circa 2008 pa)

Sensei Sushi Bar

On the table part 2, gyoza – our first order of the night. It was quite tasty and they presented it fusion-style since the sauce was already incorporated into the dish. There was also fish roe … which is good for those who love fish roe (tobiko) and bad for those who don’t. Only P140 for 6 pieces.



I ordered the pork ramen (P240) which had a pork topping of unbelievably crispy skin and tender meat. Kinda reminded me of lechon kawali without all the grease. The broth lacked flavor though. Although am disliking the concept of delicious if it contains a heavy sprinkling of MSG. Serving size was also a bit small compared to the portions am used to in other places

Let’s just say the ramen is not my favorite in Sensei, but this roll is. It’s a sushi bar, remember? Crispy on the outside and oozing with the goodness of salmon & cream cheese inside. Can’t wait to try their other rolls like hamachi, tuna and soft shell crab.

Sensei Sushi Bar

The resto boasts of homemade noodles so aside from the ramen, I also had to try their dry noodles infused with truffle oil and pan-roasted salmon put on top (P265).

Sensei sushi bar

In a nutshell, check out this place if you dig their version of new Japanese. I definitely would dine here again.

Sensei Sushi Bar
268 Aguirre Street
BF Homes Parañaque
Tel No. 754-9526

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  1. Mr Z says:

    Ahem. I don’t have a problem with a lack of pictures, as long as I’m familiar with the cuisine they’ll serve. Most of us know what to expect, when the menu says “Carbonara.”

    It’s the Chinese Restos with the too-small print, strings of kanji, and names that are cryptic when translated that I need pictures for 😀

    Although this place had me a bit confused, even though I consider myself familiar with Japanese cuisine – “crispy tanuki” on one of the dishes.

    Raccoon Dog? Crispy Raccoon Dog? Aren’t we fancy?


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