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Portability is something I’ve already adapted to.I don’t bring the big ol’ laptop anymore (in my case, a Macbook Pro). On most days, I rely on my smartphone to do basic things like surf the internetz and check on FB & Twitter. I wish I can blog using my phone, but tapping away on a small device is something am not used to… yet.

Admit it. When you rely on your phone to be the ultimate workhorse, battery power is going to be a big problem. All the more if you are on a low charge and you have to attend a meeting? This is the appeal of doodads like the Ibattz Mojo Vogue Removable Battery Case for the iPhone 4 and 4s.One set gives you not just one, but two I9100 battery modules so you never have to worry about running out of juice.

Here’s the front view and back view of the Ibattz Mojo Vogue while charging our old iPhone 4. You can never tell it separately from the iPhone itself at this vantage point 🙂

Ibattz Mojo Vogue

Ibattz Mojo Vogue

First things first: I like how the Mojo Vogue looks slim and fashionable. The battery case comes in two sets of back covers and grooved bumpers to choose from: matte black or piano white. We got the one in white which also came with pink and purple alternate covers.

After a week of having the Ibattz, we put forward the following observations:

1.At a suggested retail price of P3,800 ( see store list below), it’s a relatively inexpensive basic case and battery solution for the iPhone

2. Having the Ibattz means your batteries are easily replaced and readily available

3. You can Play & Charge over USB for iPhone ready systems


Increases weight of iPhone noticeably over typical case
Less shock protection than dedicated iPhone cases
No touchscreen protective film included
Dock connector based accessories units able while phone is inside case
Less flexible than other USB charging or external battery systems – cannot be used to charge other USB devices or cellphones

Key points:

1. Charging iPhone is prioritized first – case battery only charges when iPhone is full

2. Charging can be disabled to reduce battery drain when not needed

3. Volume, Mute and Sleep/Wake switches are recessed and difficult to access while inside the case

Here’s the list of stores where the Ibattz Mojo Vogue is available:

Beyond the Box
Electronics Boutique
Digital Hub
Digital Walker

For more products, check out www.facebook.com/digitstrading

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  1. Dave says:

    I’m not familiar Ibattz Mojo Vogue but, this gadget have nice appearance and specification.

    thanks for info.

  2. phil says:

    wow! Ibattz Mojo Vogue has a nice specification… hope i could get that one someday.

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