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If there’s anything we’ve learned from the torrential rains just passed, it’s the fact that wading through terrible floodwaters doesn’t give us reason to look frumpy. It’s more important than ever to be dressed for the occasion. If ankle-deep is the name of the game, ditch your heels for rubber boots if needed. And if wet weather threatens you enough, for chrissake use your umbrella or resort to something waterproof to wrap your body with.

Rainwear is now getting more fashionable than ever and there are no other experts in town than the people who’ve brought to us Plueys rainboots. It was love at first sight for me and these boots. I wore one during typhoon Ondoy.

Plueys Manila

Aside from the durable Plueys, a full range of rain wear products like umbrellas and galoshes are available at the Ready for Rain website. Am excited at the arrival (next week!) of their latest line, the Trench’d Raincoats. They surely put the oomph in surviving the freakiest of weathers.

Fashion Tip no. 1: choose the right raincoat color to fit your wardrobe. They can easily transform your look as you meet social obligations during rainy days.

Here’s how to put it all together as you go mall-hopping (even floods enter malls these days – yikes!)

Trench'd Raincoat

How to enter the office in one “elegant” piece –

Trench'd Raincoat

….. and party afterwards!

Trench'd Raincoat

You can wear it as you go on a date too 🙂

Trench'd Raincoat

Trench’d Raincoats are available in small, medium and large for only P1,950 starting next week at readyforrain.com

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