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I was just about to go to sleep tonight when my UK website subscription buzzed me about the hottest news in town: Prince Harry rompin’ wild in Vegas. The leaked naked photos of him (via tmz.com) are rather “unprincely” and the Queen won’t be happy. But I do know my gay friends will be screaming seeing the human side of Prince Harry šŸ™‚

We do know this younger prince looks better now than Prince William especially with the latter’s (ugh) receding hairline and settling into a life of domesticated bliss with Princess Kate. Also, William didn’t seem to have scandals like what Harry is having now. Harry’s history shows he has always been the wild child. He was reported at the age of 17 as smoking cannabis.

In the first set of photos that TMZ leaked, Harry was reported to be partying with friends at the VIP suite of his hotel where he later on played a game of strip billiards with the ladies.

Then in the second batch, he looked dapper enough in a hat and shades, topless in a swimming pool full of people. It turned out to be a pool party organized by J. Lo

Popsugar.com has this report of the Prince challenging Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte to a swimming rally, also in Vegas –

Buckingham Palace has reportedly admitted that the photos leaked in TMZ are indeed Harry’s. Prince Harry probably put to heart the old saying: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Or maybe as a full-blooded, unattached male, he just couldn’t care

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