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We love the 101 other ways by which we enjoy J.Co, and am not just talking about donuts. Here are the ingredients for a perfect afternoon hanging out with family and friends at this popular Asian chain:


Cappuccino Familia

Jcoccino is cappuccino – J.CO style! A blend of bold Italian espresso and milk topped with a masterfully-crafted foam art, specially mixed by a World Barista Champion.

Cappuccino Avocado is freshly-made espresso infused with creamy avocado flavor. Try it with the Avocado DiCaprio donut and experience a well- balanced coffee kick with its mellow fruity taste.

Café Avocado is a lighter coffee-avocado alternative that’s surprisingly refreshing with just a hint of coffee boosted by accents of avocado flavor and chocolate syrup.

Coffee aletrnatives

Coffee Alternatives
Iced Thai Tea is a light and refreshing milk tea blend made from brewed tea extracts and the creamiest sweetened milk.

Green Tea Frappe is the perfect match to J.Co’s heavenly green tea donuts. It is made from genuine Japanese Matcha green tea, blended with ice and milk for that incredibly smooth zen-like sip.

Strawberry Yogurt Frappe is a blended frappe that uses J.CO’s own yogurt base. Only the freshest strawberries go into this drink for a refreshingly cool, tart and sweet beverage that you can have on its own or with a nice warm donut.

Mixberry Yogurt Frappe

Mixberry Yogurt Frappe
If you’re a “berry” adventurous person, this variety of berries in a cup is the yogurt-based drink for you. With every sip is a sweet and tangy mix that delights your taste buds.



J.COOL – highly recommended by this blogger is J.CO’s very own healthy frozen yogurt mix that brings together the right sweetness of a frozen treat and the right tartness that is naturally found in yogurt. It comes in 3 sizes: Single (with 1 free topping), Couple (with 2 + 1 free toppings), and Sharing (with 3 + 1 free toppings). What’s more is that you can bring the same cool goodness home with J.COOL To Go, a box that keeps your J.COOL in its proper temperature – perfect for that house party you’re organizing or for that me-time you’ve long been waiting for.

J.COOL Twist – A sundae-like mix of layers of guilt-free J.COOL yogurt with 5 toppings in between each swirly delight

For a complete experience, drop by J. Co branches at SM Megamall, Greenbelt 3, Mall of Asia and Trinoma Mall. Watch out for upcoming stores in SM Fairview, Alabang Town Center and Eastwood City. For more info, visit www.jcodonuts.com, like the local J.Co Facebook page at facebook.com/J.COPhils, or tweet @J.COPhilippines1.

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  1. MrsMartinez says:

    My favorite is Iced Thai Tea


  2. ajay says:

    Hi Mrs. Martinez…I still have to figure out what my fave is. But I love J.Cool! 😛

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