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The unstable weather the past few weeks has not been good to everyone, and people I know have either been sick or simply not feeling well. The same is true in my household where my children and I have been fighting colds, cough and body pains. Good thing I spotted this thing in the grocery shelves: Roots Ginger Brew, the new salabat.

roots ginger brew

It’s refreshing to say the least. This drink is made of 100 per cent real ginger (so they say). The ginger taste is not really so noticeable, maybe because some people hate its strong taste. The drink is touted to cure sore throat. Apparently, the ginger in Roots undergoes a brewing process, and the brewing releases key components which promote good digestion and heals itchy throat. I have to admit gulping on this drink while feeling under the weather made me feel less depressed about things. You know how being sick is.

Retailing for only P21 for every 330 ml, this is now the most affordable commercial ginger drink I can find. Imported ginger ales from Australia (where this drink is popular) can cost three to four times more. It is also a good anti-oxidant and a healthier alternative to the common soft drinks with lots of sugar.

bogart the explorer

Roots Ginger Brew is endorsed by no less than popular online personality Bogart The Explorer. Get one today! Go to www.facebook.com/rootsgingerbrew for more details 🙂

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  1. ajay says:

    No. not the same 🙂

  2. ARRIANE says:

    i tasted it and its nice…

    Filipino with Australian accent endorsing aurtralan drink 😀

    Incidentally, you may want to relax to Bogarts wits and wisdom… in the wild!

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