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In the previous post post, I mentioned about how our family was feeling under the weather the past week. Everywhere I looked, my friends have been sick too. I guess it’s just the virus that goes around at this time of year and the fluctuating weather conditions.

Good thing a friend sounded me out about the fact that it’s now so easy to order from The Generics Pharmacy by just calling City Delivery at telephone number 87878 and online through their website (www.citydelivery.ph)

I tried their service by ordering the antibiotic that the doctor prescribed for my daughter. Since a prescription was required, I just scanned the doctor’s signed document, saved it to PDF and emailed the copy to orders@citydelivery.ph) Note: alternatively, you may also fax them the doctor’s prescription. A customer service representative attended to me on the phone and the delivery was made. It was that easy!

This is how The Generics Pharmacy pack looked like. I also ordered vitamins and emergency stuff needed for our medicine cabinet:

The Generics Pharmacy pack

The Generics Pharmacy tie-up with City Delivery is touted to be the first ever real-time delivery in the metro. It draws from the power of the pharmacy’s 1,300 outlets nationwide. Now, we can order much-needed medicines from the comfort of our homes, without crossing streets or using gasoline. It’s now as convenient as ordering pizza. Thumbs up!

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