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Dove held a beauty event at Romulo Cafe in Makati recently to launch their newest campaign “Reveal Your Glowing Skin.” Through the contest, they will choose 10 women “who best represent and epitomize the ideals of the beauty brand” to star in their very own billboard on Edsa and as well as a grand photo exhibit at the end of the year.

Here’s the official poster. Don’t forget to check out www/facebook.com/Dove

Dove wants you

I like the whole idea since everyone gets a fair & equal chance to be a commercial model or celebrity. All you have to do is use Dove beauty bar for 7 days, take a photo of yourself after and upload it to Dove’s official Facebook page.Ten women “who represent the real essence of beauty as envisioned by Dove” will be selected for the billboard.

We had our own beauty moment at the Dove event. First, we got to sample the difference that using Dove makes at the Romulo Cafe restroom. After which we got facial primping by top make-up artists. Here’s the lovely Mrs. Martinez being made up by Pong Niu of Mac Cosmetics.

Mrs. Martinez @ Dove

It turns out the whole session didn’t end with make-up. There was photo-taking led by no less than the country’s top female portrait photographers. It was a choice between Sara Black, Joan Bitagcol and Pilar Tuason.

Mrs. M comparing notes on the results of her photoshoot with the slim & trim Pilar Tuason.

Mrs. Martinez & Pilar Tuason

Joan Bitagcol(left) and Sara Black (right) at work – reviewing photos on their computer.

Sara Black & Joanne Bitagcol

I have my own photos from the shoot but they will stay in my baul coz I couldn’t quite accept the double chin. Noooo! 🙂 But knowing that it’s from Dove, they’d surely accept inputs from real “un-photoshopped” women like me. Way to go!

Spotted at the event:

Mom and TV host Lexi Schulze –

Lexi Schulze

Model Kelly Misa (right) with make-up artist Don Del Rosario.

Kelly Misa

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