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Although we could probably never go near the US Ambassador’s residence in Baguio City, we can now do so as virtual tourists and view the inside through this Youtube video narrated by Carlos Celdran. Just watch –

Yes to the Amorsolo paintings, the cozy fireplace and the view of the tall pine trees. According to a statement from the US Embassy, the residence was recently included in the U.S. Secretary of State’s Register of Culturally Significant Property.

The residence was built for the U.S. High Commissioner during the Commonwealth period. It was also here where General Tomoyuki Yamashita stayed and signed the terms of their surrender in 1945.

The launch of this video coincides with a visit to Baguio City by Ambassador Harry K. Thomas Jr. during which he will honor the memory of those who died fighting for freedom in World War II in a wreath-laying ceremony last September 5 at the Veterans Park Memorial on Harrison Road.

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