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The Samsung Galaxy Note is one gadget that’s been getting positive reviews. I know of a couple of friends who would like to buy it as soon as the ‘ber months bonuses roll in.The best thing, they say, is its size. It’s not as big or cumbersome as the thinnest of laptops and yet, it performs as well as the rest of ’em.

Relying on its rep as a “notebook” alternative, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 was recently unveiled with even better features to match its bigger screen. The 1.4GHz quad core processor with built-in 2GB of RAM makes this wisp of a device powerful. I am also attracted to the Wi-Fi Channel Bonding technology which enables the Note to absorb double wifi speeds. Of course it also helps that the 10.1 inch screen comes with 1080p full HD playback.

In a recent launch at Aracama Filipino Cuisine, Manila’s happening set gave their warm hello to the newest Galaxy Note. Footballers James and Phil Younghusband (fresh from the CLEAR Dream Match) gave it a test spin.


Paolo Bediones was there too.

Paolo Bediones

Renowned international milliner & designer Mich Dulce. My eyes were on her 1) headpiece 2) LV Cherry Blossom Sac Retro Bag – very feminine!


Veejay Floresca is going to San Francisco soon to study fashion design, but in the meantime, he fulfilled his role as a Samsung ambassador.


Noted architect Carlo Calma and furniture executive Stephanie Kienle love how the Galaxy Note’s features make their work easy.


The Galaxy Note 10. 1 comes with its own stylus called the S-Pen which gives one the feel and ease of a regular pen.

With the S Note feature, the user can write and draw but the device will be the one to make the necessary corrections. S Note also makes it easy for one to create projects like web pages, magazine layouts and even pre-recorded diaries.

The best thing about the Note for artists is that it comes with Adobe Photoshop Touch, the industry standard in digital image creation.

As much as 50GB of online storage is also possible via Drop Box.

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