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Am sure you’ve already heard about it. Rogue Magazine has an “explosive exposé” (explosé?) on Bryanboy in its September issue. The magazine’s circulation was elusive as usual so I nudged the hubby to buy an issue for me online.

It was at about lunch time last Sunday and I couldn’t figure out which was more juicy: the stuff I was reading or the Italian sausage I was munching. Then my fork fell. My mind flashed back to the first time I met Bryanboy – at the Philippine Blog Awards in 2007 (where he won Best Fashion Blog). We have a picture somewhere here of that event, but then again other bloggers/guests were scrambling to get pictures. He was quite the celebrity already,just not of THE international stature yet.

The one that struck me most was the “uniformed yaya” who accompanied Bryanboy. I now wonder who she really was 🙂

Back to the magazine article:

It narrates that Bryanboy introduced himself (nagpakilala) to Manila society at a Louis Vuitton event in November 2004 when he bought the flagship piece of the 2004 Fall/Winter Les Extraordinaires Collection. It cost P750,000.

But he didn’t have a car and would always ride in taxis. The family house in Tunasan, Muntinlupa (not Ayala Alabang, as believed) was a modest bungalow with “two bedrooms (and) simple wooden furniture.” His small room had a makeshift partition and the only luxurious objects that could be seen were designer bags – Prada, Gucci, Fendi, even a Louis Vuitton trunk.

Designer Tina Daniac, who used to be close to Bryanboy (from years 2000-2005) was quoted in the article as saying how, in one shopping expedition, Bryanboy splurged as much as P4 million at the Chanel boutique and proceeded to replenish the money while hunched on his laptop that night. “He always had an album full of credit cards, with different variations of his name….as well as a piece of paper with a long list of credit account numbers,” Daniac said in the Rogue interview.

The article further talks about Bryanboy’s alleged ownership of the defunct website Chikatime which dished dirt on Manila’s colorful society personalities. There are also accounts from Cecile van Straten (aka Chuvaness) who felt betrayed that her name was dragged in Chikatime when the person behind it was her “friend” Bryan all along. Brian Gorrell, who has publicly confessed his HIV infection, also narrated how he lent BB money in 2008 so he can fly to New Zealand for fashion week, “but he never paid me back.”

(to be continued ….. and what I really think about this whole thing)

Update: I Googled Bryanboy Yambao which led me to some stories that he’s related to the wife of ex AFP Comptroller Lt. Gen. Jacinto Ligot (nephew?).A certain Edgardo Yambao was accused of being a “dummy” for the Ligots in the Senate investigation, with P255 million to his bank accounts (now subject to forfeiture by the Sandiganbayan)

Bryanboy is also good friends with Tim, the New York-based son of disgraced Maj. Gen. Carlos Garcia who works for Marc Jacobs. (see this story by The Daily Beast) Somebody enlighten me: is there a connection to all this, or just a coincidence? This angle is not included in the Rogue story the last time I checked. Maybe it’s not “credit card fraud” after all, but “money laundering” 🙂

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