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Even though the issue has died down already, I promised to give my own take on the Bryanboy exposé which came out in Rogue magazine.I admit I was shocked when I read all the details but I found the Rogue article not exhaustive enough. The narrations from several people interviewed seemed to imply that Bryanboy’s credit card usage was questionable. Things were suspect because how could it have funded his lavish lifestyle when his family was, at best, average middle class? However, I believe this kind of insinuation won’t really hold in court. (besides, we’re much better off minding our own business)

What is wrong with Bryanboy Yambao having different versions of his name in a credit card? Nothing’s probably wrong since no major bank has filed a case and no warrant of arrest has been issued against him ALL THIS TIME . Bryanboy continues to trot the globe and enjoy the front row seats in New York fashion shows – something that would not have been possible if he’s on Interpol’s most wanted 🙂

But yes, it’s safe to deduce that behind every great wealth is a great crime. Bryanboy is what he is today because he’s shrewd, street smart and the most internet savvy of the bunch. He has fashioned his life by knowing the inner workings of this powerful thing called the computer and the internet.

In my last post, I mentioned that what is more worthwhile looking into is BB’s seeming association with the two former AFP comptrollers accused of graft & plunder before the Sandiganbayan. For somebody like him to be able to afford the excessive price tags of the bags, did Bryanboy have free access to some bank accounts…. secret accounts, perhaps? If this can be proven, then that is when the government and Filipino taxpayers can have a say on this matter.

In the meantime, am quite impressed with the guy for the status he’s achieved today. Filipino high society puts him down because that is how this society is. They care about your pedigree, what school you came from and who you went to school with. If Bryanboy had stayed in the Philippines, he’d have nothing to brag about except those designer bags. He’s become a success abroad because they’re more democratic and egalitarian out there. They don’t care if your surname is a Go or a Yulo. You make your own mark, and that’s what he did. Of course, this is all presuming that his past demons won’t haunt him.

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  1. MrsMartinez says:

    Di pa pala ito tapos? I read about the “credit card” in another blog post and you are right he is still out there. Up to now, there is no warrant of arrest. So until that happens, he is innocent ; p And the scheming, well, maybe just rumors ; p


  2. Ria says:

    I just had to comment – you are sooo right with what you said about Filipino high society – or Filipino society in general ! They only care about your pedigree and which school you’ve come from – I have 13 years of solid work experience gained overseas that is practically never taken into consideration now that Im applying for jobs back “home” , as I am not Atenista or La Sallista or know somebody in the top management. Really sad that our society is still as shallow as they come!

  3. ajay says:

    Yes so feudal. Same old families elected to public office as well. Hope system changes in the future or we have no hope 🙂

  4. ajay says:

    Yes it’s quite hard to verify this Mrs. M coz he has no trouble getting visas & still trotting the globe…. besides, me anti-cybercrime law na ngayon. oops, i better keep quiet, hehehe

  5. Ruth says:

    Great insights.. I was searching about this BB issue and landed here. I was out and just found out about this issue.. So what happens now? I am hoping BB would file a case against the magazine (then, he can make more money!).. BUT, now that he is not doing anything, that got me thinking.. 😉

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