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Magniflex is a high-end brand of Made in Italy pillows and mattresses. Honestly, I haven’t heard about it till I was invited to their event slash slumber party (!!) at the Home Studio building in Greenhills. I truly appreciated getting to know more about the place we sleep in. It just occurred to me that we spend the best moments of our day in a bed. Investing in the right products is all worth it since the right type of mattress can cure our common back ailments and give us the ultimate in relaxation. Opa!



One lesson I learned was to really think it over before making a bed purchase because it is major investment and will be with us for years. There’s a quiz on the Magniflex website which guides you on the mattress suited for you. Specifically, it asks questions like your height, weight, sleeping position and health condition, including allergies to dust or mites … all of these factors affect the selection of the right bed.

Anyway, Magniflex must be good because no less than renowned furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue and TV host Daphne Osena-Paez have agreed to be their endorsers. Here in the photo: Magniflex distributor and Home Studio owner Grant Lim….

Grant Lim

From the official literature:

” Renowned for their use of only the finest, all-natural materials and for their precision in following your body’s natural contours (resulting in better slumber), Magniflex mattresses are not only beneficial to maintaining one’s posture and overall well-being, they are also aesthetically pleasing. The mattresses are customizable and can be cut to measure, to conform to your height for optimum comfort—and still fit your vintage bed frame. The mattresses also come with their own mattress covers, made with 100% natural fibers such as Wood, Bamboo, Gold, Silver, Maize, Botany Wool and Cotton, making the fabrics hypo- allergenic, breathable, beneficial to one’s health, and eco-compatible (the extraction of the fibers and its manufacturing is not harmful to the environment). The covers, which come in various stylish embroidered fabrics, are anti-bacterial and treated with special extracts such as lavender, aloe vera, and soy to promote better relaxation.”

Anyway, I loved the event (kudos to Marj!) It’s not everyday that we go to an all-girls’ slumber party and being made to don sleep wear. Here’s a sampling from beauty bloggers Sophie of Beautynomics & Nikki of Ask Me Whats 🙂

Sophie & Nikki

We also had a nice five-course dinner courtesy of Torch Restaurant next door. In photo: trio of soups served in nifty shot glasses…

Torch Restaurant

…. and an elegant dessert buffet table prepared by Sophie’s Mom. Red velvet cupcakes, anyone? Pardon the photos, it was quite dark out there 😉

desserts by Sophie's Mom

Magniflex is at:
Home Studio Building
63 Connecticut St., Greenhills
San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines

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