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I’ve written before about the Crumpler Gypsy Moth bag and now, I was certainly glad to find its little twin sister: the Crumpler Gypsy Moth pouch.

Crumpler gypsy moth pouch

I figure that this little thing is what you put inside the bag to cater to people who want to match their things. But I was happy to use the pouch on its own especially for little errands when you don’t really need a big bag. I’ll tell you later the variety of things it holds.

But first, the materials. Expect this to be sturdy like any Crumpler product. Three-fourths of the pouch is composed of a grayish waxed canvas outer while the bottom is made of patent vinyl which is completely waterproof and washable.

Did I tell you that this pouch is a good thing in such a small package? I was certainly elated to find that most of my little things fit in here, especially those ones that need organizing so that they can be arranged neatly in my bag.

Crumpler Gypsy Moth pouch

Being a woman, the first use of the pouch is for my make-up stash. I just transferred everything from the mesh cosmetic bag am presently using to the Crumpler and they all fit. Including but not limited to my brushes, a couple of lipsticks, lip balm, a mini bottle of perfume, eyeliner etc. It helps that I have miniature versions of make up I need from day to day so that I don’t need to bring the whole train case or palette 🙂

Crumpler Gypsy Moth

Next, I tested the pouch for my computer accessories and gadgets. The white thing you see in the photo is the Apple Magic Mouse I am using right now. I was most impressed with the fact that the pouch can also accommodate the big white Macbook charger as well as a couple more of my cellphones.

Of course, this versatile pouch can also fit a variety of other things. In fact, you can transfer the whole contents of your wallet here. That’s what am planning to do next 😉

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