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The majestic Manila Hotel is 100 years old this year, and so it decided to hold 100: The Francis Libiran Fashion Gala last September 28. I normally shy away from night events and especially if the occasion calls for formal wear. However, I figured that being surrounded by beauty is edifying after a hectic work week. Having been duly impressed by a sighting of Francis Libiran’s delicate wedding gowns way back, it was now time to view the whole collection.

There’s no doubt this fashion designer is one of the finest, if not the finest in the country today. If he came up with a ready-to-wear line tomorrow, I’d probably be one of the first to line up:) At present, Francis Libiran is more known as the fashion designer to the stars. Mention the Star Magic Ball and the big names will probably be wearing FL. It’s really easy to see why celebs are falling all over their feet for the Libiran label. His designs are well-made, well-thought out, lovely yet intricate, a tribute to craftsmanship.

Here’s a run-through of what I saw last Friday. I wasn’t facing the stage, so the shots are sideways (note: so hard to do this runway photography thing!)

This gown with black callado cutouts was really eyecatching. I would consider this his masterpiece that evening, aside from all the other beautiful creations on display


There was a limited line of menswear on display…. here’s one. Too bad I wasn’t able to snap a photo of young heartthrob Xian Lim walking the ramp.

Francis Libiran

More pictures:



Francis Libiran fashion gala

Francis Libiran fashion gala

Francis Libiran fashion gala

Take a bow Francis …. one Filipino designer we can be proud of!

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  1. ganns says:

    Hi AJ! I’m not sure, but I think the fellow you’ve identified as Xian Lim is another model by the name of Brent Javier. But I could be wrong…

  2. ganns says:

    Oopsy, turns out ako ang nagmamalik-mata. You didn’t shoot Xian after all. But the guy in your photo’s a sorta-kinda-celeb anyhoo. Sorry.

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