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The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) recently launched their e-clearance or electronic clearance system. Basically, this means that we can now easily apply for that much needed NBI clearance via the official website https://nbi-online.com/login

However, applicants will still have to NBI’s crowded office in Taft Avenue, Manila or accredited processing centers for fingerprint scanning & image capture. Basically, the online application just cuts through your waiting time and makes the process faster since you can do some steps in the comfort of your own home or wherever there is a computer.

Here’s how to apply for NBI clearance online:

1. Pay the processing fee of P115 (for employment) plus P20 “e-clearance convenience fee” through Globe payment centers or through GCash by texting (space) MPIN and send to 28829175638053.

2. You will then be given a Payment Reference Number. This will also allow you to download the application form in the NBI website. The application comes with a QR code and a schedule for fingerprint scanning and image capture at your chosen NBI office.

3. On the scheduled date of appearance in NBI, present your application form with the QR code and two valid IDs.

4. Your NBI clearance certificate will immediately be printed and released if you have no namesake. If you have share the same name with a person having a criminal record, your clearance will be released in three days after due verification.

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  1. Regina says:

    Thanks for this! I’m sure I’ll need NBI clearance at some point in the future.

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