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Living a quiet life in New York, Bb. Pilipinas 1993 Dindi Gallardo has landed in New York front pages after she sued her most recent boss Frank Miller, author of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and his girlfriend, Kimberly Cox for discrimination and mental anguish.

Ironically, Cox is described in some internet page as ” a New York Shakesperean scholar of note.” But judging from Dindi’s lawsuit in Manhattan this week, there was nothing scholarly about Cox’s behavior of smearing her work area with human feces, dirty underwear and “used menstrual pad,” among other things. YIKES!

Her Pinoy kababayans are overflowing with support for Dindi and in New York which is known for enforcing strict labor laws, this case will not easily fade from the public eye. We sympathize with Dindi. It seemed only this year when she happily shared her wedding photos to her friends on Facebook and even then, we didn’t know there was already something going on, like Cox destroying her office printer “with a hammer.”

Dindi’s vintage wedding to her love Eric Mills, September 2011 –

Dindi wedding

The whole incident makes me remember an article about Dindi which I read in Inquirer (originally sourced from The FilAm). In this interview, she didn’t want to reveal the identity of Frank Miller yet who is quite well-known in the entertainment industry not only as the writer of Batman but also as the director of Sin City and producer of 300.

Here are some excerpts from the interview written by Cristina Pastor of The FilAm :

Q. Your boss didn’t know you were an actress?

A. I don’t talk about that. If they know you’re an actress chances are they’re not going to hire you because they’d think you just want to be in this industry. Double life talaga. Well, now he knows.

Q. Ten years in New York. What’s that like?

A. I love New York. I love my job. I can’t get into major details. My boss—he’s pretty big. I’m like his right-hand person. I work with his team of lawyers, agents, accountants. I’ve been with him 3.5 years.

Q. How did you land this current position with this artist?

A. I quit Buchwald to get another job with a bigger production company. But it didn’t happen. I was really upset. Then boom, this job fell on my lap. I didn’t even know who (my future boss) was. We clicked so well. I got promoted two times. We’re about to film a big, big film with a full cast.

Q. Have you experienced being racially discriminated in New York?

A. Oh yes. In one of the companies I worked for, my boss wanted me to work on Thanksgiving and this person said, why should you get a holiday? You don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the Philippines.

There you go. Good luck with this trial in your life Dindi.

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    Goodluck Dindi. May justice prevail.

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