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Never mind the traffic on Sucat Road. I always find myself in Alabang for this restaurant.

PF Chang's

During the day, it is a warm, airy bistro with high ceiling that invites you to savor homegrown Chinese food favorites with a twist. At night, the lights get a little darker and you can easily drown in the chatter of friends by the long bar.

Okay, some people have this impression that PF Chang’s is out of their price point. This is no longer the case as the bistro recently launched their Cheers! cocktail hour plus affordable lunch meals. That’s really a bonus for a place with world class ambiance + cuisine.

From 4 pm onwards Monday to Friday, most of PF Chang’s signature cocktails are priced at P150 per glass. These include their Asian Pear Mojito, Organic Agave Margarita, Jade Martini and Green Tea (their version of Long Island Iced Tea …. not so harmless, I tell you!), among others. I was totally bowled over with a sampling of their Key Lime Pie Martini which tasted like a delicious dessert but got me pleasantly heady in no time. In the background is a warm plate of Sichuan Chicken Flatbread, a specialty quesadilla with grilled chicken and a duo of cheeses. Everything was a thumbs up!

Key lime pie martini at PF Chang's

On the other hand, PF Chang’s newly-introduced lunch meals will make you wanna sample PF Chang bestsellers complete with refillable rice and a glass of Coke. Take a bite of their Sweet & Sour Chicken (P275), Philip’s Better Lemon Chicken (P350), Shrimp with Cantonese Sauce (P365), Sweet & Sour Pork (P345), Almond & Cashew Chicken 9P395), and Beef a la Sichuan (P410).

Here are more of PF Chang’s highly-recommended items on the menu, in photos:

PF Chang's dragon wings

The Dragon Wings make me remember why I love chicken, preferably with skin on and never mind the calories 🙂 Especially as my favorite part (wings!) were crunchy and bathed in this delectable sauce. There were two sauces to choose from – the spicy red Korean chili sauce & the Mongolian sweet sauce. I vote for the latter.

The Northern Style Spare Ribs makes me want to thank the heavens I am not a vegetarian! The ribs were so tender and falling off the bone with every corner oozing with flavor. The five spice salt rub all the more makes this dish unforgettable.

PF Chang's

Dessert was mango cream cheese wontons – a winning offering for me because I never had something like it. Wrapper was crisp with a tempting balance of sweet, salty and delish!

PF Chang's China Bistro ATC

Verdict: PF Chang’s China Bistro never disappoints for me.

Check it out at The Street in Alabang Town Center
Soon to open also in Bonifacio Global City

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