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Where is this society going to with the recurring theme of adultery in the movies? And it seems the public likes it because they do well at the tills. As you know, I recently broke my fast with watching Pinoy movies when I watched The Mistress. It seems some of my friends didn’t like it but I did! I liked the underlying lesson that somebody single and dashing can still love you despite your past. This line that John Lloyd delivered in the movie was cheesy but it was also the most kilig evarrr: “I will be your Mr. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. At hihintayin ko yung isang Thursday na mami-miss mo ako.”

There is already so much buzz about the upcoming movie A Secret Affair starring Anne Curtis (as the wife), Andi Eigenmann (as the mistress) and Derek Ramsay. Here is the uncut thriller trailer ….

I have no doubt that this will be another hit, although I don’t understand why they chose the same actor and actress again that were seen in No Other Woman. Wala na ba talagang iba?

I am already having fun with this movie’s memorable quotes as we speak. It seems the scriptwriter took the word “literally” to extremes. Here goes:

“Ano bang tingin mo sa mga lalaki? Bulate….may pa-early bird promo, early bird catches the worm?” – said by Rafi (Anne Curtis), the aggrieved wife

Comment: bird, bird, bird! Bakit kasi hindi na lang kayo mag bird-hunting! 🙂

“Kaya kabit ang tawag sa kanila kasi daig pa nila ang epoxy kung kumabit, kaya kerida kasi mga kiri, kaya mistress kasi nakaka stress.” – said by Ellen (Jaclyn Jose) to Rafi

Comment: Meron bang kerida na hindi kiri at mistress na hindi nakaka stress? Besides, what will Elmer’s Glue say?

“Think of us na parang prize sa Amazing Race, yung sumusuko’t nahihirapan, talo! Matira ang matibay.” – said by Cate (Jackie Lou Blanco)

Comment: Hay naku, nag promote pa ng Amazing Race.

“Ano bang akala mo sa mga pambababae, parang flash floods na kapag tumila ang ulan ay huhupa ang baha. Lumikas ka na habang maaga bago mag critical level.” – said by Jaclyn Jose.

Comment: PAGASA Weather Forecast, ikaw ba yan?

A Secret Affair showing on October 24 in Metro Manila theaters.

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