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Gear4, a UK-based accessories company for the iPod and all things Apple, recently set up shop in the Philippines. They partnered with Iontech, Inc. – the Philippines’ leading distributor for IT and consumer electronics – to introduce their full array of products in the country.

We spotted a few of their stuff during a recent launch and made a mental note to include them in our Christmas shopping list. The Angry Birds speakers were certainly eye catching, but it was even better to know that they blast music like the real thing. This is timely with the launch of the Bad Piggies game, the upcoming Angry Birds animated series. Iontech reps said they have five adorable birds in different colors that fans will love to collect. The mini-speakers can be linked in series to make a long speaker line as well. Price: P3,390 to P4,990

Angry Birds Speaker Black Bird

Angry Birds Mini Red

Then, there’s the Renew SleepClock which is a unique alarm clock dock that has a built-in wireless sleep monitor. Designed to detect sound, breathing and motion, it knows when you fall asleep and will gradually quite down your bedtime music. It also senses your sleep states and will wake you up with your personalized alarm at the lightest point of your sleep in a given time period so you start your day feeling light, refreshed and happy.

Renew SleepClock

This is certainly amazing: “The Renew SleepClock App will record your sleep patterns throughout the night sharing information such as the time you spent in bed, time it took for you to fall asleep, time spent in deep and light sleep and how many sleep interruptions you had. It will then compile and analyze weeks and months of data, along with your sleep journal entries to give you advise on how to make you sleep better and to track your progress over time.” Price: P10,190.

We also recommend the award-winning Unity Remote. It is an infrared module that, together with the Unity Remote App, turns an iPod, iPhone, or iPad into a universal remote control. Fully command a TV, radio, receiver and DVD player all from an iPhone. Highly intuitive and customizable, stop wasting time going through different remotes; control all of them, surf the net and post a status all from an iPad.

Gear4 Speaker docks and accessories are available at major consumer electronics and IT retailers nationwide.

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  1. Mr Z says:

    I”m not feeling those Angry Birds speakers – certainly not at P3000 and up. I can get every game in the entire series for that much moolah, and buy all the stuffed animals for my kid too.
    Besides, when your child starts playing RL (Real Life) Angry Birds, it’s much more pleasant getting beaned with a plush toy than a small speaker 😀

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