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Watching the show by SM Kids Fashion during the recently-concluded Philippine Fashion Week was something new to me. It’s quite predictable to watch all-grown adults strut the runway each time as we know they’d be all thin and long-limbed. On the other hand, I was surprised that the show for SM Kids went without a hitch considering that some of the kids were infants and toddlers. Certainly, no crying ones or tots having a tantrum. Most of all, they were all cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

SM Kids Fashion

Did you know that SM Kids Fashion has a Hello Kitty collection? I must check the next time I visit since I heart The Kitty. Pink is the dominant color, and yes am one of those mothers guilty of always letting her girls dress in pink. The tie sandals in pink look great too! Hello Kitty for SM this holiday season boasts of playful yet feminine silhouettes. So expect ruffles, polka dots, pastels and of course, the world-famous Hello Kitty logo.

SM Kids Fashion

SM Kids Fashion

More polka dots in the label called Little Miss. Not to mention ruffles, vibrant hues and drop-waist skirts. Little Miss offers trendy and colorful outfits that never go out of style and is perfect for the girl who’s “stylish beyond her years.”

SM Kids Fashion

The boys will not be left far behind with the brand called Boys Got Style (BGS). My only son is a teen and I know how finicky he can get with his fashion. BGS has got solutions for the fashion forward from contrasting patterned collars to color-paneled shirts and tees with quirky prints.Even the slacks come in unexpected colors like grape and burgundy.

The other lines for the boys come with such names as Dude, Bradley and Modern Prince.

SM Kids Fashion

More cuteness: Girls Edition consists of playful basics featuring mid-pastels, embellished prints and tulle appliques.

SM Kids Fashion

When dressing up kids from zero to two years old, SM has got it all too… even the head gear ๐Ÿ™‚ The line is called Crib Couture. The boys will look like real gentlemen in plaid shorts, bowties and richly-colored cardigans. There are animal print tops with matching bottoms for the girls.

And when you’re thinking of baptismal attires and other formal wear for your babies, look no further than Trajecitos de Bebe. They’re all about hand-embroidered garments made of satin and lace. The materials itself will make it a treasure to keep or good enough to be passed on to another generation.

Catch the SM Kids Fashion collection in all SM Department Stores nationwide.

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