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a secret affair

Read: dull, tedious.

The long weekend holiday was long enough to let me watch two movies: the latest James Bond flick Skyfall and (ehrmmmm!) A Secret Affair.Am so sorry pero wala talagang dating sa akin the latter movie. In fact, I was debating whether or not to stay till the very end because it was dragging too slow. The only thing that kept me on my seat was seeing more of Anne Curtis’ Chanel bags and fashion statements. No doubt, she and Andi Eigenmann are two of the most beautiful faces in Philippine movies today. Of the two, Anne is the better actress. Andi needs to have more oomph! and for this, she needs to take a cue from her real-life mom, Jaclyn Jose.

Anyway, what makes a Pinoy movie so Pinoy are the confrontation scenes. Anne Curtis as Rafi played the role of the live-in girlfriend (not wife, as we earlier reported) and she pours something on the face of Andi. Yikes! I thought acido na. But then again, Anne says: “It’s calamine lotion…para sa kati mo. Ayan me natira pa, just in case kelangan mo.” Ouch!

Or when Anne says again to Andi: “Bakit hindi ka magkape girl. Next time you get a triple shot para kabahan ka.” I can relate because am a coffee drinker but I certainly haven’t tried a triple shot!

Towards the end, I was wondering whether it was still a Filipino movie because they were all speaking in English. And the most sensible line to come out of this was: “cheating isn’t an accident. It’s a choice.”

Verdict: Go ahead spend your precious money on burgers & fries. Or watch this movie. The choice is yours. 🙂

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