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Headphones are probably one of the most in-demand items right now, and more so that the holiday season is fast approaching. I can think of one person to give the device to: my teenage boy who always has to have something on his ear for to listen to music on his phone, watching Youtube, and even while biking.

The past year has made me familiar with headphones as I road-tested one brand to another. Good thing there’s competition. At this rate, we can only expect better products and features.

The Aiaiai Tracks headphone is the latest to fall on my lap.I hardly can spell or pronounce this brand which is headquartered in Denmark but they have gained awards and positive reviews about their products. Here is the package when it arrived. First impression: thin and sleek!

aiaiai headphones

The pack already includes three sets of interchangeable colored sliders and a carrying pouch. The kit needed to be assembled so I had the resident geek (read: hubby) do the honors. You can see that the product really focuses on mobility because both the stainless steel headband and 2mm cables were very lightweight. Once worn, it felt like it wasn’t on my head at all (which was strange).

aiaiai 2

The catalog says Aiaiai was made for Apple products (iPod, iPhone, iPad) but some browsing led me to the fact that they’re compatible with Blackberry and possibly others. This means that you will not only be able to listen to music but take calls as well if you’re using a smartphone device.

Now for the road test: I was impressed that the sounds coming from the headset really kicked some punch, especially when it came to the bass and trebles.’ twas surprising that something so small and thin can rock it through low and high volume. I would definitely give this waif-like headphone the thumbs up!

The Aiaiai Tracks headphone sells for P3,250 at the following retailers:

Digital Walker
PC Hub
Beyond the Box
Digital Hub

Official distributor is at www.facebook.com/digitstrading , twitter username: @DigitsTrading

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