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I was glad to get my replenishment of this power juice when Angie sent me this package a few days ago. It had the days of the week written on it so I won’t ever forget 🙂 Choose your fancy from the different Smart C+ fruit drink flavors – Lemon Squeeze, Orange Crush, Pomelo Grapefruit.

smart C

A few things to love about Smart C+ – it is reasonably priced so we can get our fill of nutrients at no heavy cost. It’s also accessible – with the wide distribution of Oishi, its manufacturer, we can easily find them in grocery or even sari-sari stores. Plus, don’t you just love the convenience of having the equivalent of 11 lemons or eight oranges in one 500 ml. bottle?

Now that weather in the city is shifting from hot to cold (with rains in between), the more we need to be proactive in bolstering our immune system. Vitamin C (which Smart C has lots of) enables our body to produce collagen, a protein connecting the tissues and supports our skin, bone and muscles, thus providing the body strength and resilience in fighting the daily wear & tear brought about by an active lifestyle.

Plus, it has the added advantage of having no added preservatives, artificial coloring or artificial sweeteners.

The newest endorser of Smart C+ is the hotshot engineer of Cebu and Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited winner Slater Young. He makes the perfect choice because he has the unique combination of dashing good looks, talent, intelligence and energy to take on an active lifestyle. I guess we can all drink Smart C and be cute like Slater XD

Slater Young for Smart C

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