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Am quite the late bloomer to Instagram. Whereas others have hundreds of photos already, I only have something like 59.I have to admit: Pinterest came first but right now, am just so loving IG already! First reason: the celebrities are here _ from Rachel Zoe to Ruffa Gutierrez to Kris Aquino. I get to know what rocks their world and at times, they take pictures of most mundane objects and I don’t care. Am still star-struck 🙂

Second reason: the different shooting modes make me feel like am a better photographer. No kidding, this app is brilliant because it works like a digicam, and more! Even if I take a crappy photo, when I use Hudson, Lo-Fi , Valencia or any of the effects that apply digital filter, the photo is transformed. Just take a look at this one taken inside my (unoccupied) apartment. I just wanted to take a photo of the DREAM word in wood which I got for only 98 pesos in one of my shopping trips.I loved how Instagram made it all so dramatic..pang Pinterest ang dating 😉


So yes, when I now see objects that I like, am always compelled to take a photo for Instagram. Another favorite subject is my youngest daughter Lucia. She’s now in that stage where am seeing a lot of milestones.

Here’s some trivial things I uploaded on IG recently.

Unique Adidas shoe models which I saw in Greenbelt. If I was younger, I’d take the one with the wings

adidas wings

Monster cake at Tous Les Jours, post-Halloween

monster cake

A chic bag made from soda can covers seen at SM’s Kultura Filipino

soda bag

Sofa with keyboard design, anyone?


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