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December is just around the corner and before you know it, the rockin’ year that is 2013! Fortunately, I still know lots of (old-fashioned) people who like papers and pens and they’re now searching for their own journal/diary/schedule-maker to write on. Look no further because the 2013 Belle de Jour Power Planner is here!

We say Power Planner because it really is the little thing that could. Just imagine, not only will you get lots of insightful articles inside, handy guides like a wardrobe checklist/health & fitness plan, you also get the BDJ Lifestyle Card which entitles you to P40,000 worth of freebies!

And to think that the planner is very affordable. You don’t even need to purchase gazillion cups of coffee. BDJ has four kinds of planners depending on the cover: the 2013 Exclusive Matte Leather cover for only Php680, BDJ Planner Printed Leatherette Cover for only Php648 and the BDJ Planner Matte Printed Cover for Php598!

Annalyn.net readers can have a try at these planners (& carry them the whole year round) by joining our giveaway. I have two planners to raffle off! More details after the jump –

Just join via rafflecopter!

Specifically, I would like you to:

1. Leave a comment below stating why you would like the 2013 Belle de Jour planner.
2. Follow @BDJBuzz and @annalyn on Twitter and make a tweet tagging five of your friends: @BDJBuzz and @annalyn are giving away the 2013 Belle de Jour Power Planner. Let’s rock on 2013! (@friend1) (d2) (@friend3)…..
3. Like www.facebook.com/BelledeJourPlanner and the Ajay’s Writings on the Wall pages on Facebook. On annalyn.net FB page, post why you want the 2013 BDJ planner & tag three of your friends.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more information on the Belle de Jour Power Planner, other products and events, log on to
belledejourpowerplanner.com or join the BDJ Community at bdjcircle.com!

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  1. Sandra Sanchez says:

    I would want to have this planner to organize my agenda this coming 2013. sandyohseven@yahoo.com

  2. Phipay Suyo says:

    I want to win this because I never had any BDJ Planner ever before šŸ™‚

  3. I want this for my sister:)

    Ma. Karla Shane Orinoco

  4. Girlie Marie Joyce Kilario says:

    I really deserve to win this BDJ Planner because I never had my own planner. I never use any planner once but when this planner became the main talk of the town, I got so obsessed to find it but unfortunately, I have no money even my parents can never give me atleast 100. I really wish to have mine and serve as my debut gift for myself and my whole life years will be contented and will reamin memorable by this planner. God bless ?

  5. darren philip mozo says:

    i alwaysuse a planner everyear. but before, I always forgot important things/events/etc. Well i guess now, planner has been very effective to me. So i would love to win this. šŸ˜€

  6. Elinor Semira says:

    I would like the 2013 Belle de Jour planner to keep myself more organised & to be more productive.

    elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

  7. Belle Lopez says:

    I would really love to own a planner as cute-sy as Belle de Jour to keep me tabs on things I have to do, occasions not to miss and lists of priorities to check.


  8. Melody Tan says:

    I want this to plan, remember and organize my life for 2013

  9. Junelie Tabangco says:

    I really deserve to win this BDJ Planner because my bestfriend really wants this planner to death. I cant afford to buy one beacuse im only a student, So I really wish to win this one and give it to her,sinasalihan ko nga lahat ng nagpapgiveaway ng planner nato kasi gusto ko talga manalo at mabigyan siya ng isa:), and also she will celebrate her debut this coming dec30, i know na “magtatalon siya sa sobrang saya kapag nabigyan ko siya ng planner na ito” and magiging memorable yung debut niya dahil sa planner, makita ko lang na masaya yung bestfriend ko, magtatalon na din yung puso ko sa sobrang galak. Thank you and more power. junelie_090@yahoo.com

  10. Sharmaine says:

    I really want this to make my life organized

  11. I’d like to win the BDJ planner because I want to organize my schedules and I want those coupons!

    Email: gorgeous8831@yahoo.com

  12. BDJ kept my spirit alive this year, so I wish to have a 2013 planner just the same. mtorres1681@hellokitty.com

  13. camille says:

    i want have so many goals for 2013 and i know that bdj planner would help me achieve them all


  14. hazeldv says:

    I am working and Im also a student, I want this planner to keep me on track, time management during working hours and school activities. It is a great help for me.


  15. I want this planner so my budget will not exceed

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