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I’ve been loving Alabang lately, ever since I discovered a driving shortcut going here from BF Homes. You know why I like it? It makes me feel am “out of town” while NOT being out of town 🙂 Alabang is far even for a Southern belle like me but I’m always happy to see lush trees, open space layouts and being in malls that aren’t filled with HORDES of people, if you know what I mean.

Lately, I’ve been fancying this sweetheart of Paris-themed resto called Le Petit Cheri in the Molito Commercial Complex. You gotta love a place when they serve two free cookies with your coffee, and an assortment of sugars – from Coco Natura to Splenda and Suchero 🙂


Free reading nook on the second floor makes me wish for a time when I can just hang out browsing over pages of a book that catches my fancy the whole afternoon…

le petit cheri

Eiffel Tower souvenirs remind me of a place I wanna go to someday 😉

mini eiffel towers

What could be more French than macaron? Le Petit Cheri serves their signature dessert in orange with an Eiffel Tower drawing and “bonne (sic) appetit” inscribed on the plate (note: at least it’s not bon appetite, LOL). I really like the taste of this macaron which is bigger than usual and enveloped with a creamy vanilla filling, made even more luscious with nuts and fruits. The combination of crunchy and velvety textures awakens my sweet tooth and makes me realize that yes, this is what I want in a dessert.


In this resto, I get my education in French sandwich 101. Croque Monsieur is grilled ham and cheese sandwich enclosed in creamy bechamel sauce. Put fried or poached egg on top then it becomes Croque Madame. Being the cheese lover, I really liked the Croque Monsieur that I ordered which went with some salad siding. Too bad, not too many places in town offer this. Here it is, in the middle of my eating. I could devour two of this in one seating.

Croque Monsieur

I was choosing between beef bourguignon and the coq au vin. The chicken won. Both dishes are braised in red wine. At Le Petit Cheri, they serve the dish with a siding of haricot verts (French beans), carrots and mushrooms. Food was seasoned right (and delicious). The serving was also quite generous for its price (P280). Cheap food is something you don’t really expect in a French restaurant.

coq au vin

Le Petit Cheri
Molito Lifestyle Complex
Madrigal Ave. Alabang
Mobile phone number 0917 511 0138
facebook: Le Petit Cheri

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  1. Dyanie says:

    Yay! Thanks for this Ajay! Ang dami ko ng nakalista na pupuntahan sa Molito! Cafe Juanita, Nathaniels buko pandan and this! 🙂

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