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If you love fastfood or would simply like to know its history, tune in to TLC lifestyle channel as it presents Fast Food Mania every Thursday at 10 pm with encores every Saturday, 4pm and Sundays, 12 pm and 9pm, Philippine time.

Join pop culture guru and burger & fry aficionado John Hein (previously from the Howard Stern Show) as he decodes the world’s most popular quick fare.

Fast Food Mania also reveals behind-the-scenes stories and little known facts, including answers to trivia questions such as “Who designed the signature red and white KFC bucket?” Bet you didn’t know it was the owner of another popular fast food restaurant – Dave Thomas of Wendy’s — who once operated one of the largest KFC franchises 🙂

In the series, Hein will travel through beloved eateries such as Sonic, Dunkin Donuts, Dominos, Taco Bell, and the original hot dog stand by the sea, Nathan’s Famous in Coney Island, NY. But it’s not just about the legendary brands. He also uncovers the up-and-coming chains making their mark, as well as hidden gems like Jet BBQ, a historic firehouse turned true drive-thru restaurant in Wichita, Kansas.

The travel-packed and finger-licking series will not only look at awesome eats but also offer up essential tips for navigating the ever-winding drive-thrus and ordering secret menu items, as well as delve into never-before-seen test kitchens of some of America’s favourite chains.

(From the official press release)

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