Nokia apps: my Top 5

Nokia was the first cellphone I ever used and with the inception of mobile apps in the free market, they’ve come a long way. A few months ago, I got the chance to review the dual-SIM Nokia Asha 202 phone and I had fun trying out some of the applications. The Finnish brand is still one of the best there is for ease of use and the same holds true when you access their modern smartphones for games, information and the like. Here are the top (read:favorite) apps I used in the Nokia:

top nokia apps

MMDA or the Metro Manila Development Authority app (Rating: 5/5)

What can I say. The geniuses who made this are simply brilliant for letting us know in real time the road situation in the city before we venture out. Very useful if you commute, drive, or a tourist. If you’re riding a taxi, simply flash your phone and show to the driver. A red line shows the road is experiencing heavy traffic, yellow means moderate and green means roads are clear.

Facebook (rating: 5/5)

This is rather self-explanatory, especially if you’re as much an FB junkie as me 🙂 Facebook for Nokia is quite easy to navigate and I can see pretty much everything in list view. No matter what platform, I can’t live without Facebook for letting me know about the whole goings-on in the universe – from the latest news, jokes, tsismis, births, deaths, photos and all sorts of trivia imaginable.

Photofunia (rating: 4.5/5)

I like taking photos of everything and Photofunia, as an online editing tool , lives up to its name. I love how it can transform my photos into pop art, movie-like billboards and countless other effects.

Coffee Craze (rating: 4.5/5)

The very mention of coffee! drew me to this game. I certainly had fun playing out two of my frustrated roles in life: that of a baker and barista. I had fun working in the kitchen, serving customers and letting the cash register ring. Aye!

My Elba Kitchen (rating: 4/5)

Am using less and less of actual cookbooks these days whenever I experiment in the kitchen. I just make notes on my smartphone or copy recipes there so that it’s all very handy when I work. That’s why I appreciate apps like My Elba Kitchen on the Nokia phone with tips from the masters and level of difficulty you will encounter. I just wish they’d expand this app to include more content.

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