Watami now in the Philippines!


Note: The first branch of this popular international Japanese casual restaurant chain is at the Mall of Asia.

Kudos to the Bistro group (TGI Friday’s, Italianni’s etc.) for bringing Watami to Manila and the Philippines. First impressions: lots of items to choose from in the menu, food is good, prices are affordable and service is quick. Ambiance is modern industrial and I love the couch seating.

I dig the fact that they have a half serving of their in-house Watami Salad at P220 which already looks like a full serving to me. This salad can be a meal in itself because it has everything. You get a healthy dose of greens, shrimps, corn, cherry tomatoes, nori, tuna-mayo dressing and what looks like roasted pork. If you want to meet your day’s vegetable quota, I highly recommend you order this when you’re at Watami :)

The Pepper Beef Rice in Stone Pot at P190 can be better if it had more flavor. Maybe they should serve sauce on the side? But if you want a really hot, freshly-prepared meal, this one is it! In fact, the beef slices were still medium raw when it was served to me and the beef cooked by itself in the stone pot. The thinly-sliced beef was really tender.

Our server recommended the bestselling beef sukiyaki but we chose instead this Korean-style Spicy Miso Hotpot at only P355 – good for two. This is also a one-dish meal with enoki mushrooms, tofu, sliced meat, greens, carrots and more. Flavor was exquisite and the soup was really good. You cook this dish right on the table, hence all the steam in the picture.

Crispy chicken wings for appetizers (and the last to be mentioned, LOL) – P195. I’d love to try other appetizers next time. The menu is extensive and the dishes all look delish! Moreover, their desserts and drinks like the flavored Yakult and milk teas look like a must-try. Watami is a great place to hang out.. no wonder the men beside us were drinking beer at one o’clock in the afternoon!

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant
2nd Level, Entertainment Hall
Mall of Asia, Pasay City
Tel. No. 836-7141


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  1. TheDrunkenPig - December 7, 2012 8:10 pm

    The Watami Salad is really GOOOD!

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