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I was also an OFW once before so I know the feeling. One of the first things we miss about home is the food. As we fly home and the plane touches down in the runway, the craving gets more intense.Images of adobo, sinigang, pinakbet and lechon fill the mind.

Food company Knorr chose sinigang as the focal point of the red-carpet welcome they gave the country’s returning OFWs recently. The “Knorr Sinigang’s Umuwi sa Sarap ng Sinigang” campaign added a flavorful twist to airport salubongs. Arriving OFWs were invited to a cozy dining area at the NAIA Terminal 3 where Knorr Sinigang filled their tummies with hefty servings of warm and mouthwatering sinigang.

No less than showbiz celeb Ms. Pinky Marquez and Knorr endorser Marvin Agustin were at the NAIA Terminal 3 to greet the returning modern-day heroes.

Knorr at the airport

Marvin Agustin - Knorr

An array of sinigang choices were laid out before the OFWs such as fish, pork and shrimp sinigang. After years of eating foreign dishes that are either too bland or too spicy for the Filipino palate, the OFWs finally got to savor the sumptuous goodness of a dish they all grew up with. The first sip of the sour broth made them feel that they were really back home.

In addition to the tasty treat, Knorr Sinigang also made OFWs feel the warmth of Pinoy Christmas. A singing mob awaited the OFWs at the lobby of the NAIA Terminal 3 where they got to hear familiar Filipino Christmas carols once more. Popular singer and TV personality Erik Santos even gave his own rendition of the touching song “Pasko na Sinta Ko.” They were also given special tokens and floral leis to complete a homecoming treat fit for OFWs who longed to be reunited with people who matter most in their lives.

The “Knorr Sinigang’s Umuwi sa Sarap ng Sinigang” could not have been more timely. With thousands of OFWs making their way back to the country this holiday season, the unique Knorr Sinigang welcome that awaited them at the airport is a constant reminder of their valuable contribution to their families and to the country, and that they can always reconnect with their Pinoy ties especially when it comes to satisfying their craving for the filling goodness of Filipino food.

Adapted from the press release. View the official Knorr Sinigang airport salubong video on Youtube.

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