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Shortly after New Year, I decided to motor down with the kids to Solenad 2 in the upscale district of Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. I haven’t really checked out this place ever since writing about its opening in July 2011. It was a good, sunny day and we arrived at our destination in a little less than 40 minutes! At noon, the place was already crowded and I had a hard time finding a parking spot. It was all open-air parking. Solenad 2 is designed as a sprawling strip mall, no upper storeys.

solenad 2

Hunger pangs were gnawing at our tummies and a food bazaar in the middle of the mall caught my attention. They were selling home-cooked food, barbecue, pasalubong items and other stuff. I wanted us to eat here but sadly, they had tables but sorely lacking in those cheapo monobloc chairs. Maybe mall management can improve on this.

Solenad 2

We ended up eating in Sumo Sam mostly because the restos we wanted to eat in were full. Even Max’s was closed for a function.

Kids at Solenad

Besides, Sumo Sam gave passing customers coupons for free ramen or banana split. I chose the former.


Shopping-wise, I was kinda disappointed because the only big post-Christmas sale was happening at Aldo Liquidation . If you come from Manila, there’s nothing new because the mall line-up are the usual familiar stores like Bench, Nine West, Brat Pack, Payless etc. They’re not even outlet stores like the ones that could be found in Paseo de Sta. Rosa.

Solenad 2

I was also excited to check out a branch of Purple Oven Bakeshop and again, I was disappointed to find that what they had was a mere takeout counter, no tables and chairs to dine in. To console myself, I bought a whole box of turtle pie for the whole family to enjoy but it was also nothing special. Maybe they have better cakes but not the one I bought…. ouch 🙂

Solenad 2

One advantage I find in an out-of-town place like Solenad is that mall-goers can breathe fresh air, see trees and the manicured areas of Nuvali. This makes it a good place to hang out or a great pitstop enroute to Tagaytay. But there’s really nothing special about the stores and restos. I think they cater more to residents of Sta. Rosa and environs who don’t have to make the long drive to Metro Manila to shop and eat.

It was a good thing there was Time Zone. Our youngest enjoyed the rides and was oblivious to the whole concept of boredom. Malls! They’re all the same 🙂

Time Zone at Solenad 2

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  1. U8mypinkcookies says:

    I love purple oven! Try their choco campfire, the best! Grandma choco cake is also delish!

  2. ajay says:

    Yeah I was thinking maybe I just bought the wrong cake 😀

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