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Coco Martin

Little known fact: award-winning dramatic actor Coco Martin worked as a young server at Max’s Fairview in 2001. It was his work stint at the resto that paved the way for him to be discovered in showbiz. One of Coco’s customers was a talent scout from one of the leading television networks and he invited Coco to an audition. The rest, as they always say, is history.

It was just a matter of time that Max’s would choose Coco as its next endorser and ambassador. “ We saw in Coco a great Filipino story of perseverance and hope with which Max’s was also built on. We see a great connection between Max’s and Coco and that’s why we believe we have found the perfect partner for Max’s,” said Edgar Allan Caper, Marketing Director for the enduring chain of restos.

It was not an instant journey to fame for Coco. Raised by his doting ‘lola’, Coco followed his grandmother’s advice to prioritize his education before venturing into the limelight. Coco patiently finished his degree in hotel and restaurant management before entering the film industry as an actor. Initially, Coco struggled as he consistently strived to make a mark in a highly competitive industry with an audience that is always keen on seeing fresh talents. After persistence and a clear vision of his dream, the public took notice of Coco as a serious actor and a matinee idol whose fame has crossed over to countries in Europe and Asia. His life has never been the same again.

Catch a glimpse of Coco’s life journey in the latest Max’s commercial directed by no less than acclaimed director Brillante Mendoza.

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