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New Magnum flavors

What is there not to love? The new Magnum ice cream flavors are yum-mazing!

The New Magnum Chocolate Brownie is a smooth, creamy brownie flavored ice cream coated in thick cracking Belgian chocolate with chunky cashew nut pieces.

Chocolate & Strawberry, on the other hand, has delicious strawberry sauce rippled through creamy vanilla ice cream and coated in thick cracking Belgian chocolate.It’s an absolute delight!

I’d have to say I’m more of the strawberry kind of girl although both are absolute indulgence. What’s even better, the best things in life (like Magnum!) are affordable. The last time I looked (which was last night), both Magnum Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate & Strawberry were now available in leading groceries, convenience stores and retail outlets.

The last time we looked as well, Magnum’s lovely ambassadors Solenn Heusaff, Tessa Prieto and Liz Uy were holding and eating the new flavors.

Magnum ambassadors

Manila’s Beautiful “It” people, including new brand ambassador Georgina Wilson, vouch for nothing else but Magnum as their preferred premium ice cream brand. (photo courtesy of @magnum_ph on Twitter)

photo via @magnum_ph

Bon appetit!

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