New Cream Silk commercial with Heart E. + giveaway (updated)

Have you seen the new Cream Silk commercial featuring Heart Evangelista? She looks stunning and very much ready to walk the red carpet, thanks to her secret Hair Reborn. It’s guaranteed to make anyone #beyondbeautiful with smoother, shinier hair… definitely full of life.

Watch this video:

We want you to try Cream Silk’s newest Hair Reborn line-up so I will have a giveaway for two gift packs.

The complete mechanics via Rafflecopter. This blog promo ends March 5, 2012.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can start now by promoting the new Cream Silk commercial in your Twitter & Facebook accounts. Remember to tag your friends when you do so and make sure your settings are public so you can send me the link.

Sample tweet:

Have you seen Heart Evangelista’s new commercial at VIDEO LINK: . Get smoother, shinier hair with Cream Silk Hair Reborn. @annalyn is giving away 2 gift packs! tag @friend1 @friend2 @friend3 @ friend4

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  1. ruth says:

    my secret to beautiful, shiny hair is using vinegar + cold water as my rinse. this does not only make the hair dandruff-free but it also promote shine & lock in moisture in my hair ^_^


  2. Roxy Beltran says:

    My secret to beautiful, shiny hair? It’s creamsilk! Nothing beats its greatness to make any hair smooth, soft and shiny. It never fails me to achieve the awesome hair that I’ve always wanted.


  3. Reylyn Cruz says:

    My secret to shiny beautiful hair is none other than CREAMSILK! my hair really loves creamsilk…24 hours soft and smooth and very need to go to salon ;)


  4. mary zeychelle hundana says:

    My secret to beautiful, shiny hair is not to use shampoo daily (maybe every other day) and use CreamSilk everyday :)


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